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Open Source Website

Open Source is a development methodology which offers practical or total accessibility to a product’s source code. Everything one thinks can be done using open source technologies.
Sapience Web has earned reputation for building responsive websites that deliver business growth. All our web systems are responsive with CMS for self-management.
Sapience web as a high end web development firm supports and offers open source web development. We are totally dedicated to create all the application developments, shopping carts,ecommerce services and many other with the use of open source technologies, services and programmes. Some of the platforms we work on are:

  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Wordpress
  • Magento
  • Opencart

Benefits of open source website
The beauty of open source CMS is easy access to the source code, low cost, stability, community support and the options to extend the functionality via a series of add ons.

  • Public Collaboration: It is one of the major benefits of open source software that there is public collaboration behind the software. Most of the open source projects are created by thousands of programmers all collaborating to create and improve upon a flawless website framework.
  • Open Platform: It is designed by using any open programming language such as Java, Phython, PHP etc.
  • Integration: It can be integrated with other open source software.
  • Ownership: It allows clients to really own the code of applications we create for them.

Our designers and developers carve out unique customizations according to your needs. They help you with all your website needs. Whether it is Wordpress,Magento,Jhoomla or Drupal we help you to customize every CMS with ease. We fight to convene your vision by interpret your business objectives into quality web development method.

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